La Noctambule Meets New York Fashion Week!

Yes, the rumors are true! Wait, what rumors? Anyway, I will be attending the New York Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2016 women’s collections, where I will be visiting quite a few fashion shows from some of my favorite designers. But it’s not all about the fashion. New York Fashion Week is a great opportunity to see friends and colleagues who you don’t usually see between the shows because everyone’s strewn across the globe busy doing their own thing, but it’s always great to see familiar faces and catch up.

I’m particularly looking forward to seeing one of my favorite Asian designers, Mr. Lie Sangbong, who has been described as Korea’s answer to Alexander McQueen. I don’t know if that’s accurate, but what I know is that Mr. Lie puts on a great show every time, and his creations are absolutely gorgeous. Since I love femininity in general I love designers who understand femininity, and Mr. Lie’s collections display this complete understanding of how a woman’s body is shaped, how the lines and curves flow, and that women want to look beautiful. And they look beautiful in his collections.

Since my invites are still coming in, I’m excited to see what other shows I’ll be attending. And if you see me, tap me on the shoulder and say hi!

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