Johannie, filmed by Stuart McConaghy

Getting serious about video

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I frequently welcome professional models into my studio to explore new concepts, and try out new ideas and poses before I introduce them to my clients. As it happened, I was very fortunate to welcome Johannie on New Year’s Eve of 2015 to work on some new material. I was so taken by her presence in front of the camera that I spontaneously decided to shoot some video footage. And what Johannie delivered was simply magical. Her posing is so fluid and seamless, I couldn’t help myself but want to film her. Now, I’m no Stanley Kubrick, in fact I’m a rank amateur when it comes to video, but I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed filming her, and I’m planning on incorporating video further into my work in the future. And it seems like a logical progression for me: I always look for a cinematic quality to my photos, so why not take the next step and film?

For the tech-obsessed people out there, this was filmed with a Nikon D800 and a 50mm G f/1.8 lens.


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