Headshot Tips

Film Director Laura Wald, shot by Stuart McConaghy

Headshot Tips

La-Noctambule Photography by Stuart McConaghy headshot of movie director Laura Wald

These practical headshot tips will help you prepare for your shoot, and help you get the most out of your headshot session.

General Prep:

Drink plenty of water over the week before the shoot, this will make your skin look fresh and relaxed. Also, get plenty of sleep! Don’t go partying the night before, the camera can tell, and it shows in your photos!


I typically shoot up to three looks, but I recommend bringing 4 or 5 looks to the shoot, to give us something to choose from. Some fabrics and patterns don’t photograph well in a headshot, so we want to select something with maybe a solid color or very subdued pattern with not too much detail.

Hair & Makeup

It’s always a great idea to get your hair done professionally before the shoot. If you’re doing your own makeup I recommend going for a very natural makeup look for your headshots. Don’t try out any new products on your skin before the shoot, new facial scrubs or peels might cause breakouts or redness, and may make your skin look puffy. Casting agents want to see the real you, so keep it simple, and let’s not get too extravagant.

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