Stuart McConaghy is a photographer.
A photographer of women.

I actually stole this bit from Helmut Newton’s bio movie Frames From The Edge. The movie opens with the statement “Helmut Newton is a photographer. A photographer of women.” I liked it so much I thought “Why didn’t I come up with that?” The answer was very clear: When that movie came out I was in my mid-teens, and obsessed with becoming a rock drummer! Which I did, but that’s a different story. Now I can proudly say that the headline rings true: Stuart McConaghy is a photographer of women.

Primarily, I photograph women. And this takes on many forms, my fashion clients have different needs than my private clients, but for each client I have the same goal: To photograph women who look absolutely amazingly gorgeous.

I have been moving towards a style that is fun-filled, and slightly naughty in my photographs, this is because of the influence Ellen von Unwerth’s work has on my. I love the cheeky playfulness and exuberant lust for life in her photos! And that leads me directly to becoming a Boudoir photographer.

Boudoir is all about exuberance, playfulness, excitement, sensuality, and eroticism, and as a Boudoir photographer, I want to capture it all.

No matter the project, I am always interested in hearing from you. Please visit my contact page for details on how to get in touch with me.

And, just because, here’s the corporate version of my biography!

Stuart McConaghy was born near Glasgow, Scotland. While pursuing a career as a musician, he took on an internship with a German press agency initially as a writer, later adding photography to his repertoire. There, he shot concerts and portraits of German and international celebrities, but his focus quickly shifted to projects with both aspiring and experienced models for fashion and editorials for several publications.
Stuart’s personality has been described as calm and soothing, and he uses this to bring out the best in his subjects.
Stuart strives to capture the unguarded moments in fashion, the zen moments found backstage at a runway show in the midst of the chaos, the peaceful calm found between each step of a runway walk, and the unique personalities that shine through each garment.
Covering Fashion Week for many seasons, he has shot with and works alongside the hottest designers including: Skingraft, Nicholas K, Lie Sangbong, Katie Gallagher, Thomas Wylde, Erin Fetherston, Georgine, Son Jung Wan, Katya Leonovich, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Duckie Brown and Sally Lapointe, among many others.
Stuart’s work has been featured in TAPE, Rolling Stone, Musikexpress/Sounds, SPEX, BRAVO, Reserved, and many more.