What you always wanted to know about Boudoir Photo Sessions, but were afraid to ask


Do I have to be naked?

Nope. Most of the women I photograph do opt for nudity, but it is totally your decision. You are also free to change your mind at any time. You decided to go nude, but have second thoughts during the session? No worries!


I don’t really know how to pose.

We’ll help you! My team and I will help you find the poses that flatter your body type, and make you look incredible. Your job during the shoot is to relax and have fun!


Do I have to wear lingerie?

Nope. Wear swimwear if you want to. Or your boyfriend/husband’s favorite shirt. Wear whatever makes you comfortable, because sexy is a mindset, not a costume.


I’m not a fan of that Photoshopped look. What is your retouching policy?

Retouching is like salt and pepper, used sparingly it increases the flavor, but too much can spoil it. I do very little retouching, because I want you to see the real you in your photos. Let me know beforehand if there are areas you’d like me to give a little more attention, and I’ll apply some special care to those areas.


How far ahead should I book my Boudoir session?

Within two weeks of our initial conversation. I don’t do quick shoots, you’re not a number, and I find two weeks is a good amount of time to prepare and keep the excitement level high.


Do you photograph couples?

On occasion, yes. Drop me a line, and let’s chat about what you would like to do in front of the camera. Please note that the session fee is per person.


What about Bridal Boudoir, how far in advance should I book?

I recommend doing your session at least 3 months before the wedding. I know sometimes that’s not possible, but my team and I will do all we can to make your shoot a moment to cherish.


When will I see my photos?

Two weeks after the session I will sit down with you and show you a selection of 25-35 fully edited photos, and we’ll talk about prints and other options.


How much does a Boudoir session cost?

My session fee is $400. This covers the actual photoshoot. I offer two basic album packages, and you can of course add on additional prints in various sizes, as well as hire an optional styling team (hair, makeup). My clients usually invest between $1500 – $3000 each.


Where can I be photographed?

We can shoot either in the familiar setting of your own home, a hotel (at extra charge for the room), or my residential studio in downtown New Haven, CT.


I don’t live near New York – Can you come to me?

I can come to you! No matter where you live, I would love to travel to you and set up your photo session at a location of your choice.


I’m pregnant. When is the right time to shoot?

First of all, congratulations! Every pregnancy is different, so it’s difficult to give a specific timeline. Looking at your proportions, the right time is roughly when your belly meets the line of your breasts and the belly is clearly visible. Up to the 37th week is usually fine.


Do you do video?

I do! Feel free to contact me about my video rates, and let’s have a chat!


Do you work with male clients?

I do! Come on guys, give it a shot!


Are you LGBT-friendly?

Absolutely! I am very happy to work with LGBT clients.


What are your hours?

I shoot early in the morning from 10:00am onward to make full use of the beautiful morning light, which is usually very soft and flattering. My business hours for client inquiries are from 9am to 9pm Wednesday though Sunday via the booking page on this website. I am not open on Mondays and Tuesdays.